Sunday, January 30, 2011

my 5 month project.

day             8.00-10  10.00-12.00  12.00-2.00  2.00-4.00  4.00-6.00  6.00-8.00  8.00-10 10.00-11.00

monday      jog             dumbel            class            class      class+gym     gym+hantar adik        sleep

tuesday      dumbel        class                 dumbel       revision      poker             gym+dating           sleep

wed             class            revise             class             class         dating          gym+hantar adik     sleep

thurs            skipping       class              class               poker       dating           gym+hantar adik     sleep

fri                 class             revise           poker              class          dating            gym +hantar dik      sleep

satur              sleep             revise          library             library       workout            poker

sund                rest my whole day for everything.

p/s:try to stop smoking.
     collect for iphone 5 on june.
      4 flat.
       great shaped

Monday, December 13, 2010

time of my life

Now,i have a fun and new life.
I play poker for good and it is very awesome when she said she only have me.
thats the way i love it.
and it just made my day and my life brighter.
so i will wait u till the end of time.
lots of greenlights.
and lots of sign.
I always love u.
The one.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today is a great night.
it is just a feeling or...
it is true.
i felt the same way.
hope u feel what i feel.
and i am happy talking with u like 2 hours,
dont worry.
be happy.

bad night

What a night..
fighting with girlfriend.
losing in poker.
what a bad luck for tonite.
please something good comes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poker life.

Started for a while.
But still down and behind.
i got that talent but i dont have the patience.
i have the skill but i dont have the discipline.
I just need the money.
AND it is just one reason that u will never know.


I felt in love with someone that for sure will not come in my life.
She is like my dream girl but thats it that feeling is there.
we have fun together.
more than i spend my time with my girl.
Thats is the problem.

The stories will goes on and on.